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Keen Attachments supports WhizzKids United junior football team

Keen Attachments supports WhizzKids United junior football team

We’re excited to announce our support for the Africaaid Trust by providing Whizzkids United with their team kit for this season. Based in South Africa, Whizzkids United use football as a means to empower and educate providing young people with the support and education to be happy and secure, with the ability to determine their own future.

The Africaid Trust - WhizzKids United CEO & Founder Marcus McGilvray said “The lads are absolutely delighted with their new kit - in fact it's their only kit. Prior to your generous support the teams were playing in matching colour bibs. Your kindness has already boosted team morale and performance…on behalf of all the boys and Africaid WKU we'd like to thank you once again for your kind support”.

Andrew Hicks, founder and director at Keen Attachments noted “It’s great to help where we can and to see how new kit has motivated and inspired them to continue with the game - let’s hope for some great results”.

I you’re interested in supporting the organisation, or for more information about Whizzkids United, visit their website or check out their Facebook page:


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Keen Attachments propose différents modèles de poutres de nivellement dans de nombreuses tailles différentes. Elles peuvent être utilisées avec des rotateurs inclinables ou un système d’attache rapide britannique classique.

Les poutres de nivellement sont fabriquées à partir d’une structure en acier solide, constituée de poutres d’acier qui mettent à niveau la surface de nivellement, ainsi que d’une partie arrière dans laquelle se loge un rouleau en acier ajustable qui compacte la surface. Elles offrent un nivellement et un compactage du terrain plus efficace, par rapport aux méthodes conventionnelles.

Tailles standards :

S30 = 1500 mm de largeur

S40 = 2000 mm de largeur

S45 = 2000 mm de largeur

S50 = 2500 mm de largeur

S60 = 2500 mm de largeur

S70 = 2500 mm de largeur

S70 = 3000 mm de largeur

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