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Keen heads to the top of Everest.

Keen heads to the top of Everest.

With the challenge underway, we’ve excited to be heading the top of Everest.

A team of trekkers are due to endure the elements over the next few weeks to reach the summit. Setting off on 13th October it’ll be a test of physical and mental strength to reach the summit. Once reaching EBC, the team will then continue upwards to the summit of " Kala Patthar " to reach a final altitude of 5,600m above sea level.

The challenge was organised back in 2015, to raise money for The Steve Prescott Foundation. Over £5,000 has been so far raised in support of the expedition and has been welcomed by the charity, for the efforts and dedication in training to date.

There’s still time to support the charity and exhibition by clicking here.




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Keen A achments manufacture a range of grading beams in a wide range of sizes. They can work in conjuncton with tilt rotators or the conventional UK designed quick hitch.

Grading beams consist of a strong steel structure which include steel beams which level the grading surface, followed by a rear section that houses an adjustable steel roller that compacts the surface. They offer a more efficient way to level and compact ground when compared to traditional methods. 

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